Come Study Abroad in Spain! Learn about the Summer Engineering Program in beautiful Alcoy, Spain.
Come Study Abroad in Spain!
Learn how students experience Alcoy Hiking is one of the many activities to do in Alcoy, Spain.
Learn how students experience Alcoy
The Program Excursions during the six-weeks Field trips to a wind farm and other activities of cultural and engineering significance are included in the program.
The Program Excursions during the six-weeks

Welcome to the Alcoy, Spain Summer Engineering Program 2020

Come study abroad in Spain for 6 weeks in the summer!  Students live in Alcoy while taking 2 Notre Dame engineering classes at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.  Students will explore the city, enjoy the surrounding natural beauty of the area, and experience life in Spain.  

Traveling in Europe

Get tips about traveling outside of Alcoy during the summer program.

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Living in Spain

Find more information about what it is like to live abroad in Alcoy, Spain.

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The Summer Engineering Program is a great experience for all undergraduate engineers.  In the six-week program, students take two engineering classes (six credits), go on program excursions to the highlights of Spain, and live in Alcoy! 

WHY Alcoy?

Spain is a great country to visit because of its history and culture.  The country is a great place to study because it is a true abroad experience;  locals speak Spanish (but classes are in English) and live a different lifestyle than Americans are used too.  Alcoy is a city just off the southeast coast of Spain and it is the perfect place to study abroad.  The city of Alcoy is set in the mountains, it features beautiful historic sites, breathtaking views, and great food.  The Summer Engineering Program helps students discover the culture by taking students on excursions throughout Spain.

WHY Summer?

Summer is a great time to study abroad because students don't miss being on campus in the fall and spring.  It is a good time to live in another country because there is more going on in the summer.  Taking classes in the summer allows students to get ahead in their credits so they can have more flexibility in their schedule later.  

Student Forms

Get all the forms students will need for the program. 

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