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Program Excursions

Program events are cultural, historical, and technology based trips included in the summer program.

students at their last night dinner, outsideIn addition to the classroom experiences, the Summer Engineering Program includes events throughout Spain.  These activities are designed to involve students in the culture and technology of Spain.  

These events are included in the cost of the program.  They give students the opportunity to experience the highlights of Alcoy and surrounding areas.  Students list these activities as some of the highlights of their time abroad.  

women outside castle in AlcoyEvery year students have a walking tour of Alcoy, take a 4 day trip to Granada and Toledo, a day trip to Valencia, and visit national parks in the area.  Students also go on technical excursions which vary every year.  Some of these have included Serpis Food, Valor Chocolate Factor, a furniture factory, Ford Factory in Almussafes, Bornay Wind Turbine Factory, and Playmobil Factory.  

Walking Tour of Alcoy 

Students will have a tour of the city by a knowledgeable guide.  The tour will highlight the attractions of the region, give a brief history, and help students immerse themselves in the local culture. This is done on the first day to help orient the students to Alcoy, where they will be living in for 6 weeks. 

Granada and Toledo

On one of the scheduled 4 day weekends, students will go on an overnight trip to Granada and Toledo. These cities are both in Spain and are filled with cultural and religious significance. Included in the trip is transportation, hotel accommodations  meals, and entrance fees to attractions.   

arch in Granada

The City of Granada is located at the foot of the Sierra Navada mountains.  It was invaded by the Moors in 711 and much of their influence is seen in the architecture today. One thing students will see is the Alhambra; a former citadel and palace for the Moorish Monarchs of Granada.  The complex is an architectural and artistic masterpiece and one of the most famous of the multicultural legacies of Spanish history.  There are a large number of other important Moorish and Catholic architectural sites in Granada, including the Palce of Charles V, the Castril Palace, the Architectural Musem of Granda, the Santa Anna Church, and the El Albayzin (the old Arab quarter).  Learn more about Granada here

Exterior of Oceanografic in Valencia

Toledo is located south of Madrid, and is the religious capital of Spain.  It is the "City of Three Cultures" having been historically influenced by Christians, Muslims, and Jews.  Toledo has beautiful synagogues, a mosque, and churches.  Students visit the Cathedral of Toledo which is done in the gothic style.  The city was home to El Greco in the later part of his life and is home one of his most famous paintings.  Toledo is also known for its medal work, of beautifully crafted swords and jewelry. Learn more about Toledo here

Cross on Mountaintop from hikingValencia 

Valencia is the third largest city is Spain and is located on the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula.  The city is full of historic views and cultural attractions.  The Oceanografic is the largest aquarium in Europe and la Lonja de la Seda is a large gothic style building in the heart of Valencia.  Valencia is also where the traditional spanish dish of paella originated.  

Students will have a full day to visit Valencia and, they will visit the Oceanografic, Cathedral, La Lonja, and a market.  Students will also have some time to explore the city.  Learn more about the city of Valencia here

National Parks

There are numerous national parks close by to Alcoy, with beautiful views.  Students will visit a few of these parks; hiking is the main activity.  Some of these parks are located in Alcoy itself, like Font Roja, and some are in neighboring towns like Bocairent and Xativa.  Learn more about Font Roja here